ATA – Automated Tracking During Tripping
Manually keeping track of gains, losses and drag per stand is both time-consuming and potentially inaccurate, particularly when done for multiple stands. Values have to be exported by hand into excel sheets and abnormalities per stand or number of stands, must be monitored manually as well. Now, with the Automated Tripping Analysis tool (ATA), the entire process is automated, allowing you to work faster and more accurately on every stand in real-time.

  • Benefits:
  • Saves up to 95% of the time it takes to maintain a trip sheet
  • Calculates gains/losses per stand as well as keeps track of the cumulative gain/loss throughout the run
  • Increases accuracy while enabling faster resolution of abnormalities
  • Reduces cost
  • Works with Petrolink’s MBE (Manage-By-Exception) tool

Visualize Calculated Values in Real-Time

For the first time, you can visualize calculated values such as displacement, running speed, hookload of the drill string and when tripping in and/or tripping out using the Trip Tank and/or the Active System. ATA also automatically calculates the costs of connections and performance during a specified trip/run.

ATA immediately tells you how much time it took VS the estimated time.

In the table view, the user can adjust values and if connected to a function will see results cascade through the table. It can be color coded to more easily see types of drill pipe for quicker analysis.

User-Friendly Interface Allows You to Do More, More Efficiently

Featuring a user-friendly interface, ATA enables you to easily input details of section, run and tubular layout. You simply define the type, size and weight of component and everything else is auto-populated in real-time from a catalog. ATA also features a table view that shows values per stand from a calculated log and interacts with the properties from the tubular such as displacement of a pipe per foot. The table can group any number of stands to view a larger section of the drill string in just a simple view, as well as providing many other advantages.

Discover the efficiencies, accuracies and advanced visualization capabilities of ATA today.