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Our office in Utrecht is the place where our developers collaborate on new products. These are subsequently used by our worldwide operations teams to deliver services to our clients. Because of our small team size and research & innovation objectives, you can make significant contributions and you’re not just another cog in the machine. Our projects are typically based on the latest technologies and we’re openly discussing the pros and cons on using these, in the team. We believe that good developers are not language centric; instead we expect to jointly find the right tool for a given project. We are internationally oriented, as our developers have joined us from all over Europe and we communicate our project results with Petrolink operations and development offices worldwide.

What we do

We focus on development of the next generation product lines for the Petrolink group, leveraging a microservice architecture across our portfolio. We cover a full range of technologies, from client-side web frameworks, backend API interaction, to backend services and databases.

As a team, we are responsible for producing functional software (stacks). Therefore, we don’t have strict separation between responsibilities for sub-domains in development (e.g. web/frontend/backend). Team members certainly have their preference and expertise, which is naturally fitted to the projects we work on.

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About Petrolink

Petrolink International is an international privately-owned company providing information and communication solutions for the oil and gas industry. As a leader in oilfield operations support, Petrolink uses the latest information technologies and industry data standards to deliver a seamless data management service for wellsite data collection, aggregation, rig server to office server to web server replication, visualization and interoperability with third party applications and databases for data analyses and data storage.

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