Always know what’s happening at your well

With geological complexity increasing and data from drilling operations growing ever larger, the need for an efficient, single solution that allows you to evaluate your assets has never been more critical. Petrolink’s real-time monitoring services respond to the challenge by enabling you to assess multiple drilling operations from a single location. We apply our proven field experience, reliable knowledge and well established procedures to ensure you benefit from timely support and recommendations that prevent or diminish undesirable situations.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk

Through our real-time monitoring services, we monitor and evaluate all drilling operations including those performed by contractors and identify trends that may result in deviation from the drilling program. We examine drilling performance, and then collaborate with you to develop new procedures to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the drilling process. In addition, by providing real-time monitoring from a single location, we help reduce the costs associated with engineering staffing and as well as risk exposure and are able to more quickly implement solutions to mitigate problems.

  • Real-Time Monitoring Services Features:
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of surface instrumentation parameters: pump pressure, ROP, mud volumes, hook load, WOB, torque and densities, among others
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of downhole tool parameters: pressures while drilling underbalanced or balanced (MPD), bottom hole pressure and temperature
  • NPT analysis
  • Mud log analysis
  • Generation of alerts to maintain real-time control over operations during the drilling process