Halliburton Company introduced the HalVue® service for real-time wireline data visualization to expand current features on the platform. HalVue™ Real-Time Viewer is a real-time data monitoring application that gives customers a consistent view of data across operations as it comes in from the rig to help maximize asset value. Halliburton recently updated HalVue to incorporate wireline data visualization. Previously, the application allowed customers to visualize mudlogging, MWD/LWD, and cementing. HalVue offers a true Multi Well/Offset Well Comparison to enhance decision making and streamlines workflows.

Built with modern security principles that are critical to the energy industry, the HalVue system maintains network integrity and does not require installation on user machines. Anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can utilize the application.

“Efficient energy production requires rapid and accurate decision-making at the wellsite,” said Trey Clark, vice president of Wireline and Perforating. “HalVue allows our customers to access complex well data in a quick and simple way, enabling real-time collaboration, and all without having to leave the comfort of their home or office.”

HalVue’s customizable dashboard encourages teams to edit, share, or create completely new visuals built to their purposes. At any time during operations, any data displayed in HalVue can be exported to a variety of formats for use in other applications. Customers can tailor visuals for individuals, monitoring centers, or co-located teams on any display hardware.