Petrolink has a variety of partner companies that offer services related to data management, analytics and security as well as specialized services for National Oil Companies.


UniDAQ provides equipment, software, and solutions to drill faster, safer, and with higher confidence. UniDAQ’s goal is to provide end-to-end solutions that deliver sensor data to the end user in real-time, overcoming the usual interoperability issues that arise when multiple vendors are involved in the operations. UniDAQ specializes in real-time data acquisition and data flow control and our ability to understand our clients’ requirements is enhanced by our in-depth knowledge of data acquisition on any operations.


PetroLogging is an international company specializing in rig instrumentation, rig monitoring and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) services from the vertical to the landing-point for geosteered wells. The latest technology is used to provide a superior and cost-effective local solution, which includes data acquisition and aggregation to ensure the data quality complies with your standard. We offer mudlogging services using our Digital Cabin, like well control, sensor installation and recalibration, data quality and assurance assessment, drilling optimization and much more.


PetroNOC specializes in providing complete data management services for National Oil Companies.

A division of the Petrolink group of companies, PetroNOC focuses on the challenges definitive to NOCs and the value of our integrated solutions to meet and exceed those requirements.

PetroNOC is built on the foundation of Petrolink’s technology and expertise customized to meet the needs of NOCs and backed by our unique independent vendor-neutral status.