Real-time centralized infrastructure that powers Petrolink solutions

Challenged with vast amounts of data arriving from various sources, operators today need an efficient method for collecting and aggregating data from these sources and converting into an industry standard WITSML format. PetroVault is Petrolink’s storage and visualization platform that supports all our data management and analytics solutions. With PetroVault, users benefit from a centrally managed solution that consolidates data from all sources, including Petrolink, other service contractors, client internal systems and service company data centers.

A secure, visualization and storage platform

Designed to manage many data sources received from multiple operating rigs using different well service providers, the PetroVault storage and visualization platform allows for your data to be under your control in the format you require. PetroVault Console, the PetroVault viewer, can be used for viewing data on the PetroVault WITSML Store. It provides fast and totally secure access via the Internet.

Users can rearrange nearly all of the parameters: scales, curve colors, shading between curves, comments, lithologies and symbols can be simply managed from a standard graphical interface. Standard time and depth templates are included and customized displays can be generated upon request to meet your requirements.

  • Benefits:
  •   Ability to integrate surface and down hole logging data
  •   Display logs in depth, vertical depth and time
  •   Fully configurable logs (scale, tracks, curves, etc.)
  •   Ability to insert log comments and annotations
  •   Change curve attributes (line type, color, thickness, etc.)
  •   Perform calculations on parameters to create custom curves
  •   Import historic data files and display correlation logs
  •   Export data – LAS, ASCII, WITSML, etc.
  •   Create plots from LAS files on users hard disk
  •   Log displays can be printed continuously (no gaps) to scale on HP and Epson printers directly from the website
  •   Display image tracks from transmitted LWD curves (upon request)
  •   Display mud logging lithology and cuttings data (upon request)