In today’s challenging market, operators are faced with wells that are more complex than ever before. At the same time, they are under immense pressure to lower overall well costs. In this environment, a single deviation from the plan can have significant impact. With Petrolink’s Real-Time Drilling Analytics, operators benefit from a suite of efficient, real-time, customized tools that allow them to stay on plan and reduce the amount of time it takes to drill the well – without compromising the quality of the wellbore or the safety of the well.

Helping You Predict Ahead of the Bit

Engineered to help you predict ahead of the bit, our Real-Time Drilling Analytics suite enables you to continuously optimize your operations by defining and eliminating invisible lost time while reducing non-productive time. This forward-thinking suite of products allows you to apply continuous improvement cycles in real-time to address a wide variety of problems that range from long connection times to stuck pipe, slow ROP, hole cleaning and more.

Real-Time Drilling Analytics

Optimize your operations and save costs with:

  • Immediate and automatic display of answers and recommendations
  • Well-on-well improvement resulting in lower NPT
  • Intuitive answers and recommendations leading to reduction in risk
  • Higher drilling efficiency through informed and validated decisions
  • Setup and save multiple KPI dashboards

Customized to adapt to your workflows, and your needs

As opposed to the limitations of traditional tools, our customized solutions are adaptable to different workflows, regions and applications, giving drillers the specific solution they require for the job. And by challenging existing best practices and best solutions, our Real-time Drilling Analytics suite goes further to help you create the optimal well, more productively.

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