The recent increase in both volumes of drilling data and well complexity has led to a shortage of drilling specialists. By embedding Petrolink Real-Time Operations Centers (RTOCs) into your corporate structure, you benefit from a cost-effective solution that integrates a team of experts into your operations. You gain the ability to assess and evaluate multiple operations in real-time from a single location, reducing the costs associated with staffing and risk exposure.

Optimized drilling
Benefit of RTOCs

We implement onsite centers for national oil companies as well as operate virtual centers that deliver 24/7 real-time monitoring for timely support and recommendations that can prevent or diminish undesirable situations. Our real-time engineering methodology empowers you to prevent and control future drilling events, providing a proficient way to optimize drilling with a shared view interface across your entire organization. We evaluate drilling performance, and then collaborate with you to develop new procedures to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the drilling process.

  • Features:
  • Petrolink provides structured integration of several disciplines inclusive of drilling, geology, geomechanics, and monitoring with real-time technologies that support WITSML data standards
  • Evolving real-time technology to transform data into actionable information for timely analysis and decision-making
  • Work methodology for onsite and virtual RTOCs
  • Collaborative environments and knowledge transfer practices
  • Information and data workflows
  • Interoperability with specialized third-party software for engineering analysis
  • Directional drilling assessment
  • BHA and hydraulics analysis
  • Geomechanical and operating windows
  • Rheology analysis
  • Evaluation of cementing operations
  • Analysis of bit performance
  • Torque and drag analysis
  • Remedial engineering
  • Correlations
  • Well monitoring dashboard