Ensuring access to information at all times

Keeping data flowing to your drilling engineers is critical to operations. The infrastructure needed to provide data to the technical applications must be robust, healthy and always on.

For Data Managers within energy companies, Petrolink solves these key demands through an infrastructure that pulls from Big Data theories regarding redundancy, scalability and accessibility of data. Our data management services provide you immediate access to the right data in a format you can use. With a distributed data model that manages itself, we automate the routine so you can save time and get on with the important parts of your job.

Flexibility and performance focused

Borrowing technology from the Big Data world around redundancy and distribution of data on your infrastructure, we ensure access is at the peak performance and provide you with the flexibility to scale up as your user community increases around the globe, or scale down as demands reduce. As opposed to other relational database engines, our system is designed to handle any number of nodes. As a result, you can provide your clients with high performance they can always count on without any adverse effects.

Big Data Petrolink

  • Data Managers benefit from:
  •   Redundancy
  •   Auto Fail-Over
  •   Scalability