Standardization is key to securely and easily sharing information

Today, many oil and gas companies are using numerous mud logging, MWD/LWD, cementing and rig instrumentation companies, with their drilling teams going to multiple vendor websites to access data. Petrolink’s real-time data systems provides benefits for Drilling Specialists with a solution that can communicate with any WITSML compliant application for the transfer and analysis of data, ensuring standardization across all vendors and the simplicity of one user interface.

A flexible, customized solution

We monitor rig activity in real-time, aggregate critical data and set up alarms and alerts to provide instant notification of changes on one common display. To provide a better picture of the situation, we provide time and depth data as well as the support of Petrolink Drilling Specialists dedicated to helping you avoid potential issues and keep operations running efficiently. With Petrolink, you own the data. We archive it and download it to where you want it located. You have the option of having us set up an internal corporate network for you or to have us house the solution externally at our premises.

Supporting Driller’s workflows and reducing Non-Productive Time (NPT)

To support your daily processes, Petrolink’s solution includes predefined consoles for typical drilling activities such as real-time monitoring of surface parameters, torque and drag, toolface, rig parameters and others. We also provide the tools needed to allow the drilling team to analyze their activities and measure and reduce NPT.

Petrolink’s RigMetrix is an analytical reporting tool that offers multiple ways to measure drilling activity, allowing you to keep costly rig time to a minimum. Its customizable reporting allows you to track the KPIs that are important to you and active performance benchmarking helps you find ways to optimize drilling efficiency.