Petrolink’s data solutions allow your authorized Drilling, Geology and Geophysics teams to access data from a secure easy-to-use single site – all your service companies, all your wells, all the time.

Oil and gas companies might use more than 20 different mud logging, MWD/LWD, cementing and rig instrumentation companies, and in most cases, the drilling, geology and geophysics teams are going to multiple vendor websites to access data. Further complicating matters, the vendors change from well to well.

Petrolink delivers the highest standard of enterprise data services – secure, flexible, scalable, and easy to implement. Our solutions let you access all data from a single easy-to-use site, allowing for fast decision-making and standardized data delivery from the rig site to the office and into the corporate network, applications and databases.

Authorized partners are granted permissions only to necessary and quality-controlled data. The data solutions can be hosted on our data center and/or your data center. All data is securely replicated to redundant PetroVault servers.

By minimizing manual routine tasks such as organizing and downloading files into the corporate network and importing data continuously into third-party applications, Petrolink’s solutions reduces the costs associated with wasted personnel hours.

Our data service extends to drilling optimization and analysis helping you to make the decisions that maximize performance. As data is collected in real-time, or near real-time, performance metrics and KPIs can be produced to compare drilling efficiencies and NPT with various crews and from well to well.

Petrolink specialists in key operational roles, including our knowledgeable staff in our Real-Time Operations Centers, are available 24/7 for your worldwide projects.


"Speaking to drillers this afternoon about Service Quality issues, Petrolink cropped up as an example of excellence — it was commented that all issues raised are dealt with swiftly — the blame is never passed on to the data service provider. Same feedback from my team. Please pass on our appreciation to your team in Aberdeen and, of course, keep up the good work!"
Head of Subsurface,
Total E&P UK Ltd.