Customized and cost-effective solutions

Through our subsidiary, PetroNOC, we provide national oil companies (NOCs) customized solutions backed by our unique, independent, vendor-neutral status. We support NOCs in managing and analyzing the real-time drilling optimization process through the expertise of specialists at our Real-Time Operations Centers (RTOCs), bringing greater cost effectiveness to your operation as well as greater control.


Ensuring better communication and security

Petrolink’s systems are based on WITSML and RESQML to ensure that our software can communicate with the widest range of compliant applications that provide data analysis and storage. With security as a priority, we are committed to protecting your information with our ‘defense in depth’ approach that features overlapping complimentary stages, including firewall protection, virus detection, intrusion monitoring, vulnerability management and strict usage policies that govern access to our servers.

PetroVault HD – Big Data Solution

As corporate information at scale grows, information can no longer be stored or processed on a single system using “classic” infrastructure. PetroVault HD’s big data infrastructure produces a reliable, scalable and cost-effective data solution for your organization.

The solution includes event-driven architecture and streaming analytic engines which support data mining and analysis of information with increased speed and agility compared to traditional systems.

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