Providing access to operator information

Traditionally, service providers have had limited access to the complete digital well information. Petrolink’s solution provides service companies with the ability to sync up with their clients and other service companies, so they can maximize performance and do a better job.

The information you need, the format you want

Our real-time infrastructure pulls information from a range of sources, integrates it into your workflow, and gives it back in a standardized format. This flexible system allows you to think the way you want for your role, yet translates into the bigger communal standard required by the client. It allows you to integrate information from others, use it quickly, and give it back within the conventions mandated by your clients and using WITSML—the standard for transmitting technical data between organizations in the petroleum industry.

  • Service Companies benefit from:
  •   Ability to standardize data
  •   24/7 Operations team to monitor wells
  •   See potential problems before they affect drilling operations
  •   Time and personnel savings


"Having received help from Petrolink as an LWD engineer in the field, and from an office standpoint, observing their communication with mutual clients, I can say that the level of service they provide is excellent. From the 24/7 helpdesk to the client managers, the Petrolink staff is attentive, prompt, and professional. Regarding the interface, I found it simple to set up, and the logging formats are versatile and easy to adjust to suit individual needs. The STS Viewer is valuable for viewing geosteering interpretations as they are made. I recommend the Petrolink service without hesitation."
Geosteering Manager,
LWD Service Company