Real-Time Monitoring

With Real-Time Monitoring you always know exactly what is happening with your well, even when thousands of miles away, so you can address and solve the situation quickly. It gives users a wide range of critical information at-a-glance and offers a folder tree, tabs for easy toggling between displays, current drilling status and the ability to setup customized alerts. Based on WITSML for full interoperability, this real-time infrastructure supports the aggregation of data and the collection of information from any source and format.


Document Management

Digital Well File raises document management to a whole new level of efficiency by making data easy to find and easy to share for all parties involved in the drilling process. Internet-based, it automatically categorizes, organizes and archives data from multiple rigs/wells, contractors, and consultants in a central repository. Data can be securely and easily accessed and distributed from anywhere, on any device, ensuring everyone is working from the same page. With data that’s easy to find and share, everyone has what they need to make informed and timely decisions.