A key factor in Petrolink’s sustained success over the last 30 years is the customer experience we deliver day in day out. Clients come back to us well after well because they can rely on our systems, trust the integrity of our people, and enjoy working with us.

Operations Geologist – International Oil Company

We are very happy with the performance of Petrolink during along the years. The availability and capacity to get any equipment ready worldwide is a great value, and also the flexibility of the software and the customer support.

UKCS Operations Geologist

Petrolink provides us with a super-reliable data transmission platform with an excellent “front end”, and the support provided for this service is second-to-none. Coral is also extremely useful.

Senior Operations Geologist, Total E&P

On behalf of TEPUK I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and your team for the effort, skills and professionalism that you brought to the Culzean project from start to finish.

We have used the service (particularly RT) heavily and it has played an important role in our day to day drilling and completion operations. Please pass on the thanks to all of your team members.

Oxy Well Services Manager

Petrolink guys are the best in the business. Thank you for the excellent work delivered for Oxy and your continued dedication, keep it up!

Member of PPFG & Sub Surface Operations – US IOC

I wanted to let you know that everyone within Petrolink team has worked hard and got displays up and running. I highly appreciate their effort. Especially getting everything up and running in a few days was a job well done.

D&C Decision Support Center – RTO Supervisor, Super Major E&P Operator

I would like to express my appreciation to the entire Petrolink Support Team for their assistance, attention to detail, response time, and their professionalism as they support on deployment and I also want to recognize the notable hands-on assistance provided to the RTO Team.

Super Major E&P Operator talking about the Manage by Exception (Smart Alerts) system

One of the cool things that I like about this release, once you update a rule in the library it gives you the option to push it to all active rules. Tested it multiple times, works great!

Super Major E&P Operator

I really appreciate how much time and work you and everybody at Petrolink put into this project. We need to celebrate once we roll it to production.

Data Management Deployment & Infrastructure Major U.S. based E&P Operator

I also want to say I was surprised this was the only errors encountered for 700 wells. Looking back on the crawls we did from the other provider and Petrolink I think our data management strategy that us and Petrolink have put in place are working.

Senior Exploration Geoscientist UK IOC

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the support Petrolink provided during the well operation. By and large, the data management aspects went smoothly and when we did have problems/issues, your team’s response was immediate. I would have no hesitation recommending Petrolink Services.

Subsurface Manager –  UK IOC

I would just like take the opportunity to say thank you for providing a very good service and supporting us in the start-up of our campaign, it is appreciated, and it is noted how well the system is running. The support to get issues solved is quick and efficient.

We look forward to continue to work close together with Petrolink to get the most out of this service.

US Major E&P Operator

I would like to express my appreciation to the entire Petrolink Support Team for their assistance, attention to detail, response time, and their professionalism as they supported PVHD deployment and I also want to recognize the notable hands-on assistance provided to the RTO Team.

Head of Operations Geology at Major oil company operating in Egypt

For your information, my feedback on your services: I found absolutely great the way you helped setting up the database at the project start, and how well it worked during the well. Posting files was always fast and delivered the files our partners needed. Thank you.

Operations Geologist, UK IOC

Cost savings were achieved but it was quality of service which precipitated this change. Some of the factors which set it apart from competitor and direct LWD company offerings are: local support offering responsive changes and customization when requested; screens which are both accessible and easy to use; the system has little or no impact on IT departments nor is it hampered by frequent java version update requirements. Petrolink has proved to be a reliable service with excellent uptime.

Senior Operations Geologist, Egyptian Oil and Gas Company

During 3 months, in 2019, Petrolink provided Data Management and secure documentation sharing service to Dana Gas Egypt. This service included saving all data from the rigsite teams to the Petrolink Secure Server for access by the onshore to our Subsurface, Engineering, Operations Departments along with a separate filing structure for a client access. The service was flexible, allowing the generation of bespoke filing and archiving structures on the secure central repository. The service also enabled file sharing with controlled online access to the various files. Petrolink also provided a 24 hour Helpdesk. The service has been of high quality, fast and efficient throughout the contract period.

Drilling Director, African Oil and Gas Operator

On behalf of African Petroleum, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent performance on our well.

Senior Petroleum Engineering Consultant, Major E&P Operator

The professionalism exhibited by the entire Petrolink Team is remarkable – from the setup on my computer, in the field, responding to trouble calls, being open to changes in the software – your team is superlative in all respects. Besides the technical side, the personable and warm interaction of your Team on a human interaction level is also superb.

Geosteering Manager, LWD Service Company

Having received help from Petrolink as an LWD engineer in the field, and from an office standpoint, observing their communication with mutual clients, I can say that the level of service they provide is excellent. From the 24/7 helpdesk to the client managers, the Petrolink staff is attentive, prompt, and professional. Regarding the interface, I found it simple to set up, and the logging formats are versatile and easy to adjust to suit individual needs. The STS Viewer is valuable for viewing geosteering interpretations as they are made. I recommend the Petrolink service without hesitation.

Head of Subsurface, European E&P Operator

Speaking to drillers this afternoon about Service Quality issues, Petrolink cropped up as an example of excellence — it was commented that all issues raised are dealt with swiftly — the blame is never passed on to the data service provider. Same feedback from my team. Please pass on our appreciation to your team in Aberdeen and, of course, keep up the good work!

Geologist, Indian Oil and Gas Operator

Your company has rendered excellent services. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again.

Subsurface Manager and Well Delivery Team Lead, Global E&P Operator

The dedication of your personnel to the task in hand has demonstrated the real value of “service delivery” rather than simply supplying services and personnel.