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Connectivity, security and user experience are all essential; by pairing our UniDAQ system with our PetroVault platform you have the capability and insight needed to optimise operations across all your sites. Petrolink’s technology platforms are designed to seamlessly integrate all forms of data, file types, and communication protocols. Over the years propriety data acquisition solutions have hindered the sector creating silos and needless complication. What if there was a solution that allowed you to convert from WITS to WITSML or ETP. Petrolink has built it - UniDAQ. Petrolink understands that having the right data is important to get accurate results; because of that, we have an in-house processes that focuses on confirming the quality of data received in our systems according to data standard organizations such as Energistics. Benefit from all the functionalities of our platform but out in the field. It allows you to do local aggregation and make decisions on-site. Now you can securely aggregate data from all service providers with a single network all authorized parties can access, 100% customizable to your needs and firewall protection and control of digital data from multiple sources and protocols on the rig. Our designers have built a system which enables you to create displays with familiar layouts. Equally if you find a certain display works onshore then it is simple to roll it out to the rest of your team. Digital storage for all data via a rig site "Digital Bunker" concept to allow for the seamless addition of additional data services. The safety of your operations, people and infrastructure is paramount. With real-time alerts you can quickly mobilize and take action as wellsite situations develop. Our battle-tested security is second to none. You can be confident your digital assets are safe with us. Our flexible system qualifies alerts and reports on severity. With MBE you now have a smarter way to focus on what matters and allocate operational resources. Learn more about real-time alerts at your fingertips. In an increasingly competitive market maximizing productivity from your upstream assets is essential. At Petrolink we work with you to take operations to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers think.

The Petrolink Platform is a configurable technology stack that allows our customers to easily deploy digital solutions and extend these to the field and remote locations.

We offer an open, accessible ecosystem for integration and innovation. We give flexibility with options to easily integrate with us through data, APIs and custom connections. Whether you use our Platform for everything or only specific needs, we are here to help.

We have proven edge solutions that will help you integrate all of your remote data into the Platform to analyze your assets and ensure data availability. With a sustained track record of collecting data standards such as WITS0, WITSML, OPC, Modbus, custom data protocols and more, we are ready to assist with technology, services or both.

Petrolink’s conventional fully serviced model is evolving and we are offering more and more ways to work with us. We know it is essential to provide flexibility through options while maintaining advanced security, technology and service that our customers have come to expect.

With our flexible pricing models such as lease, rent and licensing, there are now more ways to benefit from the Petrolink Platform and our entire technology stack.

At Petrolink we understand that there is no one size fits all solution, we therefore offer custom solutions in a mixture of configurations to suit your requirements.

Traditionally at Petrolink, we have been seen as a fully managed solution to meet the requirements of Operations, we however work with anyone! Whether you are an Operator or a start-up providing analytics, we can provide custom solutions and pricing models to meet your needs.

We have our own versions of configurable SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that can be customized to give you as much control as you need for your real-time infrastructure.

Please come and talk to us, we are here to help make data work for you.