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The upstream industry acquires vast amounts of data during the design, exploration, development and production phases of oil and gas fields—all of which needs to be delivered to the right people at the right time, so that informed and timely decisions can be made. Digital Well File was created specifically to meet the ever-growing data demands of the energy industry. It categorizes, organizes and archives files in a central repository where data can be securely and easily accessed and distributed from anywhere, on any device.

Ensuring the right information to the right people at the right time
Brief overview of the Digital Well File service.

Digital Well File features customized Meta tags for improved search and sorting and integrates with your corporate management structure. It makes data easy to find and easy to share with partners.

Users can self-subscribe to email alerts and/or SMS text notifications that let them know a new report has arrived. Simple and based on the Windows Explorer interface, there’s nothing for you to install or deploy, no license fees and no proprietary software needed. 24/7/365, you benefit from our fully managed service.

  • Benefits for operators and partners:
  • Easy to find data from multiple rigs/wells, contractors, and consultants – Everyone working from the same data
  • User specified email and text message notifications – Stop unwanted emails
  • Internet-based – Access your data anywhere, on any device
  • Petrolink verifies accuracy of your data – Providing quality control of data naming and content
  • Centralized distribution list – Eliminate distribution errors
  • Customized meta tags – Improved search and sorting conforming to your corporate data management structure
  • Auto downloads to the corporate file share – Saves time
Digital Well File FAQs

How can I access my data and do I need to install anything on my computer?

All data is easily accessible from any PC utilizing Internet Explorer 9.0 and above. No specific software is required or necessary for accessing daily reports.

How can Petrolink help get the data loaded into the project database?

Petrolink’s 24/7 operations personnel can assist with report loading or additions when communications are limited or database security is required limiting contractor access.

How can I share all or limited files with partners?

Partner will only see the specified wells and report types permitted by the operating company or data custodian. Reports can also be QC’d first before partners have access.

Are there email or text message notifications when a new report is uploaded?

Yes, both email and/or text message notifications can be sent if you subscribe to specific rigs, wells, and report types.

Are there licensing costs or cost per user?

No, there are no licensing costs or costs per user. Unlimited operator users may have access for a flat rate.

How much training is required?

Since Petrolink provides a managed service with a user-friendly interface little or no training is required. For those who require additional assistance, Petrolink provides on-site, online, or over the phone training to all users.