Alerts you need, when and where you need them

Throughout the process of drilling a well, issues can arise that can slow down, or even halt, operations. Operators have numerous wells that need to be monitored at all times. Paying attention to each screen and which alerts are most important can be unmanageable. The result is alert overload.

The MBE system is the next generation alerting application designed to increase the user’s effectiveness by prioritizing the alerts received. The system allows the user to set-up rules to constantly monitor a specified condition, and then permits the user to select and prioritize the resulting alerts they wish to receive, reducing alert overload.

Paying attention to what’s truly important

MBE constantly monitors the condition of the rule and then raises only the resulting priority alert to exactly the right person, relieving alert overload and ensuring people are paying attention to only what’s really important.

The alert activity stream helps the user work smarter

  • Alerts are distributed to all global users and are viewable to online users, and sent via email and SMS text notifications to out-of-office personnel
  • An alert activity stream brings the mission critical and related drilling conditions, front and center improving the user’s situational awareness
  • MBE generates notifications on predictive alerts and events and includes a display link providing detailed analysis

Globally Versatile

Built to provide critical alerting information to globally located users, MBE conducts condition monitoring of rig operations and drill string sensor data once it arrives at the point of aggregation.

In addition to recording an acknowledgement, comments may be added to make note of specific conditions and to advise the global team

  • The MBE system is a cloud-based application allowing access to any global user with internet and the right permission
  • Provides near-instantaneous notification of alerts to the rig, Real-Time Operations Center – RTOC, and back office personnel
  • Enables comments on the alerting instance to advise global users on the alert specifics

State-of-the-Art Technology

Combines proprietary software, WITSML and the first ever deployment of the advanced Energistics Transfer Protocol – ETP.

  • Implements HTML5 for a wider compatibility between browsers and devices
  • The constant data stream of ETP results in a lower bandwidth allocation providing near instant access to drilling performance and downhole data

To learn more about rule creation and MBE’s uneditable audit trail, read the brochure.