PetroVue is a web-based real-time well-site data monitoring solution by Petrolink. It displays rig data in a scalable secure and readable format. PetroVue allows the user to securely monitor drilling and mudlogging information in real-time anywhere in the world.

PetroVue allows the user to monitor multiple simultaneous rig operations through a web browser whenever and wherever they are connected.  It has a customizable user interface which permits the user to select multiple wells, widgets to effectively monitor the relevant channel data.

PetroVue showcases an intuitive design which includes interactive log plots, curves, gauges, multi-well display, and trajectories. Also, the user can customize the time and depth displays, and user-specific customizations in displays and trajectories can be made upon request.

PetroVue – Under the hood

  • PetroVue is our NextGen Visualization and Data Management framework (not a single application)
  • It allows us to build applications quickly and get to the market faster. With PetroVue, we can get from an idea to a deployment in weeks, rather than months or years.
  • PetroVue is modular. It is a collection of apps (Real-Time Viewer, Manage By Exception, Data Studio, Real-Time Engineering apps like Torque & Drag, Flowback) which are built around specific workflows, each addressing a different need, solving a different problem, whether it’s document management, real-time data monitoring, drilling optimisation or collaboration.
  • It is a web-based platform that can run on any device without installation – it takes seconds from opening your browser to seeing your data – saving your users seconds every time they use the application.
  • Modern UI/UX – the apps are built around the users needs and usability. PetroVue is very user friendly and intuitive – so the end user spends less time setting up displays or learning how to use the app, and more time analysing data – making sense of it, doing the actual work.
  • The apps are integrated but can also be deployed individually. You can navigate between the apps with the context being retained.
  • Features and Benefits:
  • User-friendly/Driven System – System Run by the user.
  • A system that empowers the user and focuses on high value adding tasks.
  • Makes viewing and editing data easier.
  • Makes data more accessible.
  • Focuses on adding value where it matters: data quality, real-time data monitoring, drilling analytics, big data integration.
  • Brings all your data together in one place. Making it easier to understand and take the necessary actions.
  • Next generation, HTML5-based, multi-platform, real-time visualization and data administration.
  • The modern interface makes the system interactive and easy to use.
  • PetroVue provides integrated access to all Petrolink services and applications with a single login.
  • PetroVue modules are built around specific functionalities and workflows letting you focus on task at hand.

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