Real-Time Engineering

Finding it hard to keep track on drilling your well this season? Need to share regular updates with your team scattered around the globe? Or perhaps you are handling more wells alone. Whatever the challenge, DrillACT is Petrolink’s engineering platform designed to create and host wide varieties of engineering apps. Whether it is identifying obstacles while tripping, monitoring fluid fluctuations, or navigating to the payzone. DrillACT makes it all possible.

Torque & Drag

The Torque & Drag application allows you to create a model to identify potential obstacles when tripping in and tripping out. It provides real-time updates of actual VS the torque and drag model so you can quickly determine if conditions are good enough to perform the next drilling operation.

Flowback Fingerprinting

The Flowback Fingerprinting application monitors returning fluids to spot irregularities such as loss of fluid or excessive fluid. It compares and correlates the fluid flow against the norm so you can identify potential risks and avoid issues before they become costly problems.

Driller’s Blueprint

The Drilling’s Blueprint application gives you the data you need to stay on plan and in the zone. Designed to maximize ROP, it provides parameter scoring so you always know how accurately you are drilling and adjusts the plan in real time to help you get back on track and achieve a high rate of penetration, safely.

KPI Analysis

Allows for an efficiency engineer to combine metadata, plan data and real-time data together and then allow the system to generate elapse time and event counts. This enables analysis of efficiency comparisons. This information is accessed through our KPI web APIs for analysis by existing tools that you already use in your organization.

PetroVue Real-Time Geology

Petrolink’s core system is designed to effectively incorporate any data and use it in providing situational awareness of the drilling activities.  We are industry leaders in providing a complete and comprehensive picture of the drilling activity and ensuring that it is informed from data that covers environmental, geological, drilling activity and operations.

Our newest framework is PetroVue, which is a common visualization system that provides easy and intuitive ways to examine the subsurface environment with the enhanced information that is available in real time during the drilling activity. Using the combination of data and interpreted information allows visual and analytical processes to clarify the sub-surface environment as the drilling activities are happening and allows for more fine-grained control of these actions, resulting in a higher quality wellbore, drilling more effectively and with longer time in the pay zone.