The power of remote real-time monitoring

Remote locations make it extremely difficult to manage drilling operations, especially when problems arise. With Petrolink’s Real-Time Solution, you always know exactly what is happening with your well, even when thousands of miles away, so you can address and solve the situation quickly. The system’s real-time display provides a multitude of information at-a-glance and offers a folder tree, tabs for easy toggling between displays, current drilling status and the ability to setup customized alerts.

Petrolink's Real-Time Solution Overview
Real-Time Solution Presentation
Manage by exception

More than visualization, Petrolink’s Real-Time Solution is a real-time infrastructure that supports the aggregation of data and the collection of information from any source and format. Together with 24/7 support and specified custom alerts, it enables you to manage by exception. The system notifies you when it’s time to pay attention, allowing you to remotely monitor multiple jobs simultaneously. As a result, you can use your time more effectively and focus on other important tasks.

  • Features and Benefits:
  • Easy to share data with partners and other groups
  • Back up servers provided for ZERO downtime
  • Multi-rig data flow facilitates the data exchange securely and efficiently
  • Depth/time log
  • Real-time geosteering that is easily readable at a glance
  • Transparency/overlay feature that lets you match your PetroVault log with your PDF log
  • MWD trajectory display
  • Rig analytics reports
  • Custom visualization
  • Custom real-time calculations
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and user specified custom alerts
  • Mobile device accessibility
Real-Time Solution FAQs

Is rig site equipment required?

Yes, in some cases rig site equipment is required. A laptop/server connected to each service vendor or the Surface Parameter Systems is necessary. However, if the service company is WITSML compatible then rig site equipment may not be necessary.

Can I make changes to the real-time display?

Yes, all users can make changes and save as their personal display. These personal displays can also be shared with team members, if required.

Can I print real-time log plots?

Yes, all real-time log plots can be printed to exact scale on continuous printers, paginated printers and/or Adobe PDF files.

Can I export the real-time data?

Yes, you can export the data to an LAS or CSV ASCI file. You may customize the output selections and save the template for future use.

Can I view data from multiple service companies on the same real-time display?

Yes, there are no limitations to viewing data from multiple sources on a single display.

How long does the data remain on the server?

The data remains on the server until the project is completed at which time you have the option to archive the data to DVD and/or your corporate network. Companies that have installed an internal PetroVault server may keep the data on that server indefinitely.

What data formats does Petrolink support?