Sharing data between disparate systems

A recognized leader in WITSML, Petrolink brings over 10 years of expertise in writing the standard and delivering key WITSML technologies and advancements.

This open standard for transmitting technical drilling data between disparate systems and companies in the upstream petroleum industry allows previously incompatible or ‘closed’ systems to interoperate and share data. By collecting and storing drilling data in WITSML, operators avoid being ‘locked in’ to one vendor’s real-time system, process or analysis tools.

Collect, transport, store and visualize WITSML data
Data Standards and Analytics

With Petrolink WITSML solutions, operators can collect data from disparate downhole and surface tools and transport it in real-time to a standards based WITSML central store such as Petrolink’s PetroVault. Once in this store, the data is available to a wide variety of analysis and visualization tools.

We can convert any rig data feed to WITSML, and map it to our customers’ standards. Using WITSML open standards, we manage the entire process, and ensure your data is available when you need it, in the format you need.

  • Benefits to drillers:
  • Freedom of choice in tools, technologies and software during drilling
  • Collect data from disparate downhole and surface tools
  • Transport data in real-time to a standards based WITSML central store
  • Quick access to knowledge – provide that data to 3rd party analysis tools in real-time
  • Wide variety of analysis and visualization tools

Petrolink is proud to be WITSML certified. For more information about WITSML please visit the Energistics website.


David Johnson
Chief Technology Officer, Petrolink
David Johnson is an active member of several industry organizations which support data management, standards, drilling, geology and geophysics. He is currently a member of Energistics’ Board of Directors.