Smart Alerts

Would it help you to have user-defined control over the notifications you receive so you can automate information flow? Designed to increase drilling monitoring performance and reduce alert overload, Smart Alerts enables you to pay attention to what is truly important. With Smart Alerts you set-up rules to monitor a specified condition, then select and prioritize the resulting alerts you want to receive. This application, which runs on the Manage by Exception framework, provides near-instantaneous notification of alerts to the rig, Real-Time Operations Center, and back-office personnel to bring drilling conditions front and center, and improve situational awareness.


How much can you trust your data and is it ready for your analytical solutions? What is it telling you? And what should you do about it? We have solutions for all of these critical questions. Using a suite of analytical tools, we’ll help you determine the quality of your data, analyze your current situation and support you with experts who can assist you in what to do to optimize operations.

Drilling & Engineering

Are you an engineer who needs to optimize your drilling? Do you have critical issues around safety and the environment? Need to monitor KPIs and do detailed analysis? With a focus on critical analysis, we team our real-time solutions with our intuitive engineering tools to help you make decisions, fast. Let us show you how.


Drilling in complex geology? With our Real-Time Geosteering, your team has shared access to the key drilling and geological data you need to keep your well in the zone and on target. Geosteer from any PC, view data from any device, and increase efficiency in complex well placement operations. Real-Time Geosteering enables drillers, geologists and other key players to communicate and collaborate between the rigsite and the office with ease to execute the ideal well trajectory.