By partnering with Petrolink you’ll benefit from true integration, innovation, collaboration and customization. We have over 30 years of experience in solving data problems for some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

Leverage Our Global Experience

As the industry experts in developing real-time data infrastructures, we can take your solutions to the next level. We have helped customers around the globe build and deploy on our open and robust PetroVault platform. We specialize in the delivery of real-time data from the remote site to a central location, and provide the tools customers require to visualize, convert, transmit, augment, calculate and store data in a WITSML/ETP infrastructure. In addition, because Petrolink is vendor-neutral, you can bring your data from the wellsite directly into your own IT environment.

Explore What's Possible with Petrolink

  • Data Collection – WITS, WITMSL, ETP, OPC, Modbus, Custom protocols
  • Data Visualization
  • WITSML Store- certified with the latest WITSML standards
  • Data Tools- WITSML/ETP data viewing, conversion, transmission, augmentation, preparation, etc.
  • Analytics platform
  • Remote asset to central location data transmission
  • Internet or Intranet – versatile, always-on platform


  • Run third party applications
  • Our solutions are designed for maximum integration and inter-operability, allowing you to easily integrate your software into our system