PetroVault Rig

With PetroVault Rig, you benefit from all the functionalities of our PetroVault platform but out in the field. It allows you to do local aggregation and make decisions on-site instead of having to send the data back to the office for processing and analysis. As a result, you save time, increase collaboration and can make decisions quicker that positively impact the performance of your operations.

Digital Well File™

Created specifically to meet the ever-growing data demands of the energy industry, Digital Well File makes sure your data is delivered to the right people at the right time, so you can make informed and timely decisions. It features customized Meta tags for improved search and sorting and integrates with your corporate management structure, making data easy to find and easy to share while keeping your data secure.


PetroVue Data Studio

The PetroVue Data Studio is a market leading application that allows non-experts to interact with real-time data. Featuring a user-friendly interface, users can import, edit, manage and export real-time data on the fly – without having to understand data schemas. PetroVue Data Studio works in conjunction with PetroVue Real Time Viewer and follows the latest Energistics Data Transfer Standards that support data analysis, decision-making and modeling. Take control of your data with PetroVue Data Studio.