Wellsite Data Conversion - UniDAQ

UniDAQ converts your WITS0 / OPC UA / MODBUS and OSI PI data into WITSML formats in real-time.

This is the most basic application of UniDAQ, which can be scaled up to be the universal data management tool at wellsite.

Multiple formats in, WITSML out

A complete change for the better, UniDAQ enables you to automatically convert WITS0 / OPC UA / MODBUS and OSI PI data and stream as WITSML or ETP simply and efficiently. It handles both time and depth-based data and is a single-source or multi-source WITS / MODBUS / OPC UA / OSI PI in – WITSML out converter. It requires no specialized training or skills to set up, saving you time and costs. Simply plug in the data feed, connect it to the network and power up the unit. With UniDAQ up and running, trained personnel can manage the configuration remotely, thereby reducing costs and increasing safety by not having to send engineers to remote locations.

Compact and configured to your needs

With a rugged construction built to withstand harsh oilfield environments, UniDAQ is a compact solution that will not take up valuable space. It is configured around your data needs to enable it to work at any of your operational sites, putting you in control of your own data. UniDAQ is suitable for all types of wellsite data delivered in the WITS format, including:

  • Drilling surface sensors
  • Mudlogging
  • Wireline logging
  • Coiled tubing
  • Cementing
  • Well testing data

UniDAQ also supports:

  • WITS
  • OPC UA
  • PI Data


In case your data stream becomes more complex, or you need to visualize, store, or analyze data at wellsite, UniDAQ can be scaled up to become the nervous system of an entire drilling operation.

Direct Sensor Data Acquisition - UniDAQ HF

Petrolink’s Universal Data Acquisition System UniDAQ HF gathers sensor data at high speeds and provides a store and forward system.

UniDAQ HF acquires sensor and field equipment data from any source on any remote site. It simplifies data acquisition by providing one integrated system. Data is acquired using standard industrial methods and protocols, and can be configured with an OPC Historian to allow for the analysis of high frequencies ‘On the Edge’ prior to downsampling for transmission to office facilities. The integrated single viewer permits full visualisation of the raw and processed data to all authorised staff inside of the rig or other remote site network.

Typically data is transmitted as WITS or WITSML at slow frequencies because of satellite bandwidth limitations

at 0.2 Hz
(one value every 5 seconds) –
and at best 1 Hz
(one value every 1 second).

UniDAQ HF permits analysis of high-frequency data prior to downsampling and retains high speed data in the embedded OPC Historian.

Data Analysis at Wellsite – UniDAQ EAS

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports data quality evaluator, rig state model, KPI analyzer.
  • Reduces and analyses high-frequency data, delivering analysis results to UniDAQ transmission.
  • Delivers data remotely for model validation, receives back model and runs it in real-time.

Powerful Edge Analytics for more efficient decision-making

UniDAQ is capable of oil industry Edge Analytics, performing complex calculations and analytics at the data acquisition level in real-time. It presents calculated variables as additional data streams for immediate viewing and informed decision-making. This allows for fast predictive analysis, identification of potential problems before they occur, and optimization of the operational process directly on-site.

With UniDAQ EAS you can build your own customized data visualization and analysis at wellsite.