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The Digital Rig—A Path From Hyperbole To Sensibility

Written by David Johnson (Petrolink) for Hart’s E&P Magazine.
The simple steps that will help the industry achieve value from the digital rig.

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Manage By Exception: A Practical Way to Reduce Cost and Improve Performance

With a few considerations, today’s data-centric workflows can be enhanced with the introduction of MBE, reducing risk and cost.
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Taking The Right Steps To Automation

Written by David Johnson (Petrolink) for E&P Magazine.
There is an impact on data infrastructure when using real-time analytics.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics Improve Data Quality and Rig Crew Performance for Oman Operator

With Petrolink’s data management solution, this Oman Operator started harnessing the power of real-time data through constant monitoring and analysis. The results: Improved data quality, cost reductions and better well placement.

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Digital Well File™ Solution Streamlines Report Management and Distribution for Onshore Operator

Petrolink’s document management system helped this U.S. Operator drastically reduce the time spent searching for data, decreased data entry time by 50% and eliminated distribution list errors. Engineers were able to quickly access all their data from one location and easily share it with authorized partners.

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You Can See The Future From Here

Written by David Johnson (Petrolink) and Ali Moussadek (Petrolink) for E&P Magazine.
Now, with an ever-increasing amount of data being collected by thousands of sensors with surface facilities monitoring it in real time, the ability to successfully leverage vast amounts of data has been heightened to a new level.
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Raising The Standard

Written by David Johnson (Petrolink) for Oil & Gas Financial Journal.
Gaining greater cost savings in real-time infrastructures through the use of the newest data standards.
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Customized real-time data solution improves efficiency, decision making

Written by Muhammad Kashif (Petrolink) and Musab Khudiri (Saudi Aramco) for Offshore Magazine.
Saudi Aramco uses drilling activity recognition and analysis engine to improve efficiency and decision making.
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Cloud-computing, sophisticated models enhance meaning of downhole drilling data

Written by Katie Maserov for Drilling Contractor Magazine, Petrolink featured.
Collaborative use of real-time telemetry to more effectively utilize the massive amount of data that is now available at the wellsite has been instrumental in taking drilling optimization to a new level in the past five years.
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Digital gains Middle Eastern ground

Written by Heather Saucier for Offshore Engineer, Petrolink featured.
As easy oil depletes all over the world, Middle Eastern producers are turning to digital oilfield technology to not only enhance recovery but make finds economical to produce.
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Adopting Industry Standards: Cheapest Way to Survive Downturn

Written by Heather Saucier for Rigzone, Petrolink featured.
Read what Petrolink’s Vice President of Research and Innovation, David Johnson, has to say about adopting industry standards and how they can be the key to helping operators and service companies weather the downturn.
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What’s on the Horizon for Big Data and Real-Time Drilling Data Management?

Q&A with David Johnson, VP of Research and Innovation, Petrolink.
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Realizing the Benefits of Analysis and Prediction in the Drilling Domain

Prediction as the value of information and analytics – the intelligent use of information.
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Entrepreneurship in the Oil and Gas Industry

The value of a solution (not the idea) is measured by the benefit it brings to the processes and/or users that take advantage of the solution.
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