Stay in the zone

Drilling a borehole in complex geology requires continued adjustment in order to reach one or more reservoir targets. Petrolink brings all your data together in one place, giving your team shared access to the real-time information you need to keep your well in zone and on target. We provide key drilling and geological data for the engineering and execution of the ideal well trajectory through a solution that allows drillers, geologists and other key players to communicate between the rigsite and the office with ease.

Multi-well oversight

Petrolink’s data aggregation from MWD and LWD tools, as well as from mud logging systems, allows visualization on single plots. We analyze all relevant information including images related to directional and electric logs, azimuthal and inclination measurements, and other real-time data. All of which leads to faster, more informed decisions.

We provide multi-well oversight from a single location, with the ability to easily switch from one well to another and input comments on screen to share information.

If needed, we can provide the services of our Geosteering Specialists to help enrich your well plans and ensure the correct borehole positioning.

  • Benefits:
  • Communication between directional driller, geologist, RTOC’s and drilling – increased collaboration
  • Improved drilling efficiency through on-time complementary information and expertise to your drilling department
  • Cost reduction through on-demand remote or on-site geosteering expertise
  • Increased efficiency in complex well placement operations
  • Maximized hydrocarbon recovery
  • Extension of well life and delay of water production
  • Easily allows for multiple interpretations and snapshots of changes throughout the life of the project
  • Monitor from any device, Geosteer from any PC or MS Surface tablet – access anywhere
  • Advanced correlation functionality to simplify your work
  • On-the-fly reporting and geosteering performance review
  • Direct report exports from the system to enhance the reporting process