Drilling in complex geology? With our Real-Time Geosteering, your team has shared access to the key drilling and geological data you need to keep your well in the zone and on target. Geosteer from any PC, view data from any device, and increase efficiency in complex well placement operations. Real-Time Geosteering enables drillers, geologists and other key players to communicate and collaborate between the rigsite and the office with ease to execute the ideal well trajectory.

PetroVue Real-Time Geology

Petrolink’s core system is designed to effectively incorporate any data and use it in providing situational awareness of the drilling activities.  We are industry leaders in providing a complete and comprehensive picture of the drilling activity and ensuring that it is informed from data that covers environmental, geological, drilling activity and operations.

Our newest framework is PetroVue, which is a common visualization system that provides easy and intuitive ways to examine the subsurface environment with the enhanced information that is available in real-time during the drilling activity. Using the combination of data and interpreted information allows visual and analytical processes to clarify the sub-surface environment as the drilling activities are happening and allows for more fine-grained control of these actions, resulting in a higher quality wellbore, drilling more effectively and with longer time in the pay zone.