Petrolink is pleased to announce HalVue™, a joint collaboration with Halliburton to build an industry-leading data visualization system.

Powered by Petrolink’s common visualization platform, HalVue™ visualizes a range of data types, from mudlogging and surface instrumentation to downhole MWD/LWD to cementing, fracking and well testing. HalVue™ tightly integrates with calculations and smart alerts running in the wider HalVue framework.

Optimizing drilling performance and avoiding drilling hazards requires ever-increasing levels of vigilance. Intuitive and user-driven, the HalVue™ Real-Time Viewer is a highly efficient real-time data monitoring application that gives you a consistent view of your drilling and subsurface data in real-time. It enables you to unlock an immersive real-time environment and collaborate with your team like never before.

Access well data whenever you need it, wherever you are

With just a few clicks, HalVue™ Real-Time Viewer provides the information you need, so you spend more time analyzing data instead of connecting and configuring displays. Now you can view multiple linked and interconnected widgets in one display and easily compare real-time data with offset well data to make the best decisions for your drilling operations.


  • Easily build templates with a few clicks
  • Easily share templates and collaborate with others
  • Combine widgets to visualize a range of data types
  • Integrate with other apps with a single click
  • Intuitively make changes with minimal training

Control your data and displays

HalVue™ visualizes a wide range of data types from a multitude of different data sources at the wellsite. Powered by Petrolink and built on a common visualization platform, HalVue tightly integrates with calculations and smart alerts running in the wider HalVue framework.


  • Multi-tab communication across open widgets
  • Integrated user guide with smart search
  • Log plot and table data export to CSV and LAS formats
  • Customizable user profile and templates
  • Simple, configurable alarms with desktop notifications

HalVue™ Mobile enables fast and secure access to drilling data for all active wells in real time.

This user-friendly mobile application displays both time and depth-based information, which positively impacts operations and maximizes asset value. HalVue Mobile connects directly to the PetroVault™ data store while providing an intuitive design, customizable displays, and 24/7 support.


  • Secure access to wellsite data
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Enhanced viewing with customizable displays
  • List of active wells
  • Log plot with customizable tracks and channels
  • Dashboard with quick data preview
  • Favorite well feature
  • 24/7 support