Manage by Exception

Manage by Exception (MBE) is a next generation system that puts you in control of information used in the analysis process, how often these operate and how to inform the appropriate users, which will help to eliminate alert overload. It qualifies the alert and then reports its priority and severity so you can focus on what is most important. A smarter way to manage your operations, MBE lets you designate which wells and wellbores to monitor and then sends the corresponding alerts to selected personnel on the system. By identifying issues before they become a problem, MBE allows you to correct events in real-time and ensure the integrity of their equipment.

PetroVue Real-Time Viewer

Intuitive and user driven, PetroVue Real-Time Viewer is a highly efficient real-time data monitoring application that gives you a consistent view of your data across your operations as it comes in from the rig.  With just a few clicks it gives you the information you need, so you spend more time analyzing data instead of connecting and configuring displays. Because it is built on the same common visualization platform, it is tightly integrated with the calculation processes, analytics and Smart Alerts driven by MBE. Create a template and share with colleagues immediately. Quickly visualize multiple widgets in one display that are linked and interconnected. And, easily compare real time data with historical data to make the best decisions for your drilling.

PetroVue Mobile

A modern app for a mobile workforce, PetroVue Mobile gives you fast and secure access to your drilling data in real-time, whenever and wherever you need it. Connecting directly to the industry leader PetroVault™ data store, it displays time and depth-based data for all your active wells, giving you the information you need to positively impact your operations. User-friendly, PetroVue Mobile features an intuitive design, customizable displays for viewing your data with 24/7 support.