Improving drilling program efficiency and performance is vital to ensuring your operation’s continued success. Used in conjunction with our Drilling Analytics suite of tools, RigMetrix provides key performance indicators across all phases of drilling in real time. Comprised of a powerful set of analytical tools for visualizing, benchmarking and reporting on KPIs, it provides insights that enable you to define invisible lost time and reduce non-productive time while helping you optimize field operations beyond the drill bit.

RigMetrix works by first defining KPIs and setting benchmarks. Then, it monitors rig activity and identifies areas for improvement. With that information, you can implement any changes required to raise performance on the live well in real-time, and view the actual as well as potential cost savings. You can track and report, then analyze the information and implement the changes needed to assure optimal performance.

RigMetrix - Continuous improvement
  • Features and Benefits:
  • Single and multi-well reporting
  • On-the-fly visualization of metrics to see how your KPIs are trending
  • Group wells by region, rig, well section or hole size comparing multiple wells drilled by multiple rigs
  • Less training and fewer steps than other software to output the reports you need
  • Setup and save multiple KPI dashboards
  • Produce reports with comments and potential savings
  • Over 80 Drilling Performance KPI’s to select from
  • Data Assurance KPI’s to understand the data quality